Friday, January 2, 2015


Officially killing this blog.

Head over to for new era of posts.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New Look!

Finally cleaned up the blog interface.. -_-

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I bought NAKED 3!!!!

And Stila Trilogy Palettes.

Needless to say, Naked has kinda become the holy grail of natural makeup palette, this time in rose hues, for $83
Stila Trilogy is a very worthy product. 3 different palettes, 15 different eyeshadows, 3 blush colors, for the price of SGD35!!!

Now scream: WHAT!!!!

It's flying off the shelf, get it asap! ION Sephora having sale on 21/12/2013, Saturday. Don't say I no say ah. The quality of the eyeshadows and blushes are good, not too chalky.

I have to really buck up on my tutorials soon.


I have so many things to feedback, but I will do a swatch for the palette soon. I procrastinate too much. I have a smart phone and a good app, why am I still so lazy in posting? :P

Friday, October 18, 2013

Etude House Rose Flowering Eyes eyeshadow palette

Despite being as poor as a sheep without its wool, I just couldn't resist this eyeshadow palette while doing window  shopping around in JEM.
Used the palette a few times and on my sister. My verdict is..... value for money for 10 colors, quality wise is like a normal eyeshadow you'll get from Korean brands. The intensity of the colors are just right for simple users, but for someone who's used to brands like M.A.C and Make Up For Ever, I don't really like how soft the colors are, except for the red. Is good for neutral looks, another typical trait of Korean brands.
Texture of the eyeshadow is too chalky! Every time I pick the eyeshadows, fallouts are inevitable, which annoys me a bit, but I'll live with it.
The packaging is slim and small enough to put in clutch or purse. It also contains 2 dual ended sponge eyeshadow applicators, which one side is slightly bigger, for applying all over the lids, and a smaller tip for intensifying. Not a big fan of sponge, so no comments on it.
All in all, it's value for what's it's worth. Furthermore Etude House was having promotion when I bought it, which was another reason why I bought it. Primary reason was I love the red color, supposedly to be inspired by rose lah! So I bought it at $29.90, $5 discount. Not sure if promotion is still available.
So, to really make the eyeshadows colors pop, I'll suggest a good eyeshadow base. My I Nuovi eyeshadow base didn't bring justice to the colors.
Topdown: Poison, Gloomy, Petal, BLossom, Romance, Pure, Delight, Innocent, Fade, Falling
Top of the case
The box
L-R: Falling, Fade, Innocent, Delight, Pure, Romance, Blossom, Petal, Gloomy, Poison.
I love using Falling from lid to crease, Fade as transition color, Innocent and Pure as highlighter. Delight, Romance and Petal are nice for lid colors too, and Gloomy and Poison I always used them as crease colors, especially when I do the "Bananas" technique. See here for more eyeshadows techniques!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pony's makeup CD

A customer gave this to me after I asked where to get the book! Was super grateful lah, so I gave her a sample of our best foundation product.

Watched the CD last night, it wasn't the digital version of the book, just a few clips of the more popular looks and basic makeup.  This Pony is good! Totally explained why and how we should do. Gonna try the tips later!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Essence makeup

I first saw Essence at BHG bishan and because the handcream was super cheap, I bought it coz I just need to buy something.

The second time I saw it was at Freidburg, in a supermart, it has all the cosmetic range and it was super cheap too! So I bought the concealer palette since MUFE palette was out of my budget.

The third time I saw Essence was at Watson at Jem. For a moment I thought this brand looked familiar, unable to register the handcream and palette with it. Anyway, I thought the eyeshadows looked really nice, but I didn't test them.

So while I was roaming at City Square Mall, I went to play with the eyeshadows.


Essence essentially erase my prejudice with cheap stuffs = lousy products!

Each eyeshadow pot cost S$3.50, I could buy all the colours and it won't be more than S$50!!! And the pot size is almost similar to MUFE eyeshadow, but quality is almost same.

Essence also have eyeshadow palette and it is S$6.50 each. I'll go for the individual eyeshadow anytime.

I didn't know I can't take photos, so I managed to take some before I was stopped. I don't understand this no photo restriction. Wouldn't it boost Watson's sale since it seemed to be available exclusive there. I don't know if BHG carries the makeup coz I only remember seeing the handcream.

There are 16 colours for the individual eyeshadows. Sorry for the lousy angle, I'll try to swatch it soon!

Invisible meal competition

I finally started on somewhat healthy eating for my lunch today, yong tau foo soup with kuay tiao. Mostly veggie and tofu, and I was feeling pleased that I curbed my unhealthy food desire.

Then, the skinny biatch behind me took less items than me and ordered soup only, no noodles no bee hoon. As I took my bowl of kuay tiao, she peered into my tray and I could see an invisible tsk on me. As if she was saying "I win you on healthy eating, kuay tiao fattening leh" And all my good feel went away and now I actually felt bad for eating kuay tiao.

WTF, thou shalt not influence by thee other asshole. It's day 1 for  me, I shall persevere!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

M.a.c brush 231

This is a limited edition brush. Didn't know it was limited edition till my colleague told me during training.

Had to get her to help me get it and I specially travel down to Bugis to take it from her. Felt pretty bad that she delayed her lunch break for me. And for this brush, I missed going to the job fair today.  Damn it... supposed to go in the morning, but i overslept. And i rather go gym also, shows how much I'm involved in my future. Tsk...

Anyway, this brush is good for lip application as well as highlighting the tear ducts area since it's so small. Am happy to add one more M.a.c brush to my collection!

Update on Tony Moly foot mask

As you can see, both my feet are in shedding state. I like to rub my feet together and shed all those dead skin cells. :P

The peeling started from the top first, then the toes, before the callous at the heel shed. It's been a week now, I wonder if by next week it will be baby skin smooth.

Till next update!